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Let us be your mental health advocate. We help university students prepare for, find, and make progress through therapy. 

What we offer

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Quickly see the profiles of curated therapists to narrow down the ones that are the best fit for you. You don't only get to see what each therapist looks like on paper... you get to see how they speak and sound through our provider introduction videos. Found one you like? Schedule a free fit call with the click of a button.


Get connected to a therapist in 3 easy steps...

1. Fill out a quick preferences form.

No boring, endless questionnaires here. In less than 12 questions, you'll be on your way to finding your perfect match in a therapist.

Feel Better, Together

At Mind & Match, we understand that the process of finding the right therapist is just as important as therapy itself. We focus on matching you to your ideal fit in a therapist based on your preferences, not where you live. Whether your ideal therapist lives in your state, or across the country - we've got you covered.


How we determine therapist fit

Filters are overrated.

No more toggling filters. Our custom fit algorithm takes into account a therapist's specialties and identity to find you someone who meets your needs - with or without insurance.


What our providers say