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Add the Mind and Match network to your plan and expand in-network access to mental health professionals practicing across 35+ states.

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Why Mind & Match?

A national mental health network of independent clinicians

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National Network
Increase Access

Add new capacity to your in-network offerings

Bring independent mental health professionals in-network via direct contracting - without the admin burden.

Overnight Access

Expand access to care overnight

Our network includes experienced mental health professionals able to practice across 35+ states, increasing optionality for your members.

Care Navigation

Equip your members with AI driven care navigation

Proactively recommend best-fit clinicians to your members and support their personalized care journeys.

How it Works

Step 1

Outsource recruiting and credentialing

Mind & Match assembles a network of independent licensed mental health professionals across the country, the majority of whom are not currently paneled with commercial insurance panels.

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Step 2

Streamline direct contracting

Enter into a provider agreement with Mind & Match at a pre-negotiated rate. Reduce employee out-of-network utilization and lower the cost of care.

Step 3

Simplify reimbursement

Provider claims and reimbursement submitted through Mind and Match - meaning you don’t have to chase down individual providers’ contracting IDs

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Our approach to care navigation

We built an AI that knows your members’ needs

Based on clinical research, our algorithm recommends best-fit clinicians to your members.

  • Grounded in over two dozen academically validated features
  • Context learning adapts and specializes to each user
  • Develops unique insights about clinician outcomes and diagnostic areas
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Frequently asked questions

This platform is not meant for emergency medical needs. If you are currently experiencing a medical emergency, call "911".