Optimize for therapist-client fit.

Whether you’re a 10-person group practice or national network leader, better matching of your mental health professionals and patients can increase retention and improve outcomes.

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Why Mind & Match?

A research-driven approach to matching

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Enterprise Value Props
Increase Conversions

Improve conversions

Our platform’s conversion from onboarding to contact is nearly double the industry standard (based on benchmarks from large practices).

Empower Clinicians

Empower clinicians

Support your clinicians in building out their niche and practicing to their strengths by matching them with the clients they are best-suited to serve.

Increase Satisfaction

Increase satisfaction

Improve the patient experience and convert more users to clients through our personalized, user-friendly interface.

Our research-driven approach

Elements of our matching algorithm

Research shows that therapist-client fit is as important, if not more, than the treatment approach itself in reducing patient churn and improving therapeutic outcomes. Enable your clinicians to serve the patients they are best suited for with our research-backed algorithm developed in collaboration with a leading researcher in the field.

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