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Build out your practice with clients suited to you.

Showcase your practice to clients who fit your expertise so you can spend less time on the phone and more time with your patients. This is marketing reinvented.

How it Works

Get started in 3 easy steps...

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Fill out a form.

Fill out a quick form with details about your practice.

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See your profile perform.

Track your profile's performance, nationally, in real time.

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Get referrals.

Sit back and watch high quality referrals come in.

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How we determine "Fit"

Your practice is unique. We serve your profile to clients aligned to who you are, your specialties, and the way you accept payments.

Therapist Fit

Our Network

Your practice, but across state lines.

Be matched with clients based on fit, not geography. Whether you're looking to practice with clients within your state or to take advantage of your interstate Psychology authorization, we've got you covered.

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It's not just who we serve
your profile to...
it's how we serve it.

Now, clients can see you and hear you before
you ever pick up the phone


An Unrivaled Team

Hear from some of our providers...

Dr. Geneva Reynaga-Abiko

Psychologist (Psy.D.)

"The ability to be matched with a provider who a student could continue working with even after graduation is something that can contribute to

lifelong wellness and support."

Dr. Jacqueline Belanger

Psychologist (Ph.D.)

"Mind and Match is designing the

database I have been wishing for!

I am so excited about the potential to have a positive impact on college student mental health."

Dr. Natalia Kaczmarek

Psychologist (Psy.D.)

"I consider Mind and Match to be a

top notch innovation

in setting the tone for nationwide healthcare. I admire the values of inclusivity, prioritizing therapeutic relationships, and supporting open-access to care."

Dr. Kyle Telander

Psychologist (Ph.D.)

"I think Mind and Match has tremendous potential for

connecting folks to high-quality care

they might have otherwise not had the ability to find."

Frequently asked questions

This platform is not meant for emergency medical needs. If you are currently experiencing a medical emergency, call "911".