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All providers listed here are authorized to practice teletherapy in 30+ states - you can find the full list of states here.

This data is from the PSYPACT directory of psychologists who have received the Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT) under PSYPACT, an interstate compact that has been enacted by over 30 state legislatures - and counting!

We have combined PSYPACT data with publicly available information about each provider to help those in search of teletherapy services connect with PSYPACT psychologists. Note that not all providers may offer individual therapy, so be sure to confirm with them!

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Provider NamePracticing InAPIT Home StateAPIT Issue DateProvider WebsiteProvider EmailJoin Mind & Match
Aditi Gaur
Roy Hutton
Michelle Coker
Ashley Dubin
New Jersey3/5/21
Alicia Abell
Aadee Mizrachi
Aaron Hervey
North Carolina1/29/22
Anka Vujanovic
Andrea Gottlieb
Abby Lonnemann

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